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50th Anniversary ~ 50 Beach Boys' Heroes & Villains

50th Anniversary ~ 50 Beach Boys' Heroes & Villains
... the people who shared their lives and shaped their careers

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Fred Vail – Hero
Teenage impresario without whom, we may not have Beach Boys Concert, the first live album to reach to top of the charts

Murry Wilson – Hero & Villain
Instrumental (no pun intended) in securing their first recording contract with Capitol Records and tirelessly promoted the band in their early years of recording and touring…but listen to the Help Me Rhonda studio recording of his advice to Alan on the lead vocal) … he sold Sea of Tunes Publishing rights without son Brian's consent …

Van Dyke Parks
Hero to Brian and millions of Beach Boys fans who saw their writing partnership as a huge step forward, solidifying the band's transition into the new ear of rock music ... Villain to several members of the band that saw Van Dyke (through his seemingly unintelligible lyrics) as a support to Brian's increasingly dysfunctional lifestyle

Charles Manson

Billy Hinsche

Glen Campbell

Jan Berry

Dean Torrence

Roger Christian

Chuck Berry

Chuck Britz

Derek Taylor - Hero

Mike Vosse

James Guercio

Eugene Landy

Gary Usher

Marilyn Rovell

Nick Venet

Hal Blaine

Steve Korthoff – Hero
Definitely a hero for me (provided me and my buddies a set of Beach Boys shirts they wore during early 60’s concerts) - You'll hear his name on the Friends album.

Stan Love

Russ Regan

Hite Morgan

Danny Hutton

Mo Ostin

Dick Reynolds

John Phillips

Carol Kaye

Jack Rieley -

James Watt – Villain
Banned the Beach Boys from performing on the DC Mall in 1983) who turned out to be a hero (the President himself endorsed the boys and brought them tons of positive publicity

Ed Carter

Jeffrey Foskett

David Beard

David Leaf – Hero
His Pet Sounds newspaper, begun in 1977, was just the beginning of his documenting the story of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys

Phil Spector - Villain

Paul McCartney

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - Hero & Villain
Initially a messiah-figure to the band, so much so that they included a lecture from the Maharishi on what turned out to be a very unsuccessful and unprofitable tour.

Ricky Fataar

Blondie Chaplin

Tony Asher

Chuck Girard – Hero
Lead vocal on Hondells’ version of Little Honda rivaled the Beach Boys


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Tom Brady said...

TONY ASHER--HEREO!!!! The man who worked with Brian on his masterpiece Pet Sounds Tom

Anonymous said...

Sgt. D.W. Taylor, as proudly proclaimed on his desk top was NO hero. He was McCartney's agent of sabotage in Brian's world. Has nobody considered how handling so many bands was a conflict of interests?
("Live Let Live Not Die")